Victory Christian Fellowship is launching a series of classes at its Every Nation Leadership Institute. While I wanted to attend the classes, my main reason for not considering it was the concept of price: I thought it was going to be expensive, like upwards of P6,000 per semester.

Last night, at the regular discipleship I attend, I learned tuition costs weren't that prohibitive. It turns out that the entire semester will cost only P1,500.00. That shocked me. Imagine how many people are shying away from the classes thinking that the tuition fees would be too much to afford!

In an even more touching gesture, before I learned of the actual tuition costs, two members of my discipleship group offered to help subsidize the cost of tuition for me! They literally dug into their pockets that night and fished out P500 each! I was shocked by the gesture and encouraged immensely by their trust. I knew these two gentlemen were experiencing financial difficulties, but here they were putting their money where their mouths were, and offering to help me pay for my tuition!

It's been less than a day since then, but that's going to make a a lasting impression on me. It takes a great leap of faith to churn out P500 for a fellow church mate to attend a class. It takes a huge leap of faith especially in times of financial difficulty, and it was an excellent way of showing me how godly men trust in God.

In last night, we shared experiences of the trials we are going through, and each man there superblessed me with their life experiences. I saw how people who've been through trials but rely on God have incredible integrity of character and know that trials are only temporary. These are men who obviously read the Word of God daily and respond to their trials with pure joy, and now – in real-time with clear-cut humility and compassion – reached out to someone like me.

I just melts the heart and warms the soul. Thank you, gentlemen. I'll see you in class!