Yesterday, I registered and attended the orientation for the first semester of Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI). We met the ENLI faculty and staff, and I must say I've never been so excited to be back in school!

Bible schooling is a challenge, naturally, but I believe in faith that great things are in store for us. It's one thing to witness God's power on a daily basis; it's another thing altogether when one is empowered and reminded constantly of how great God is, from theological and apologetic perspectives.

People who knew me before I was Christian probably know that there isn't a radical change in me, which is good. Growth in Christ is a slow and gradual process (although God can also make it instant!) that I welcome with a humble heart. If I were to become overnight a Bible-thumping preacher spewing fire and brimstone, there'd be a stop gap there the size of the Mall of Asia. I'd rather take things slow and ask God to mold me in His time, knowing that the changes and improvement happen according to His good and perfect will.

Classes start next week! Ooh, I can't wait!