I like Tea Square iced teas!

I first blogged about Tea Square iced teas in November 2005, when Cathy and I enjoyed separate iced teas from their branch at Robinson's Manila. Almost a year later, we're still purchasing Tea Square iced teas whenever we get the chance, especially from their kiosks in Market! Market!, which is wonderfully close to the Victory Christian Fellowship Fort chapter, and Glorietta Food Court.

For less than P100, we can have two Bread Bites and a frosty glass of Four Red Berries iced tea from Tea Square, which is wonderfully refreshing and not too sweet.
What I also like about Tea Square iced teas is how they are prepared. I like knowing what I see is what I get. Like I said in my previous blog entry, "unlike other iced teas, you literally get to see the Tea Square's tea in front of you because the tea bag is put inside your glass."

If you do decide to go and try out Tea Square iced teas (please do, it's really delicious), I recommend you first sample the Tea Square's Four Red Berries (strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and cherry!) first. After that, you can try the Mint, Apple and Cinnamon, or Tropical Escape (a wonderful strawberry, pineapple,  banana and coconut blend) varieties.