For the past two days, I entertained the thought of auditioning for the second season of Pinoy Big Brother. Why not?, I thought to myself. We could use the money, house and lot, and car, if by some God-approved miracle I won. I think I'd make good TV. I'm not too bad-looking for a morbidly obese individual.

Cathy, of course, was vehemently against the idea, hinting that I was looking to become famous. She may have been right. 

Regardless, this morning, I received a word from God that I was not to audition for this at any cost. Reading Ezekiel 5-8, I read of the wrath of God, and what he asked of Ezekiel, and I was taken aback at what He was telling me. Leave my family for a month to be on a voyeuristic TV show? Leave Bible school for a chance at a million bucks? No, no, He said, depend on Me, trust in Me, and you won't have need for any silly TV show.

So I trust. Sorry for the lapse, Lord.