It feels like virtual Net suicide, but the past few days have found me setting up blogs left and right. Maintaining them can be a real pain, but each appeals to a different part of me and I'm glad I have them.

Please feel free to add one, two, or all of these blogs, whichever are relevant, to your blog roll. I would be very grateful. Ganns Deen Online, my official online home. The online family home for Cathy, Nathan, and myself. Mostly family-related material for friends and family.

Just Caths. Cathy's official online home. The home of Perfect Proposals, the only wedding proposal coordination service in the Philippines today.

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine Online. The official blog of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine, a print magazine for Filipino-Christian teenagers started in 2004 that didn't last in print but will hopefully be reborn online. Relevant reading for the lifestyle with purpose.

Faith Factor. The blog of Faith Factor, my online store that sells Christian gift items like Christian t-shirts, Christian bags, Christian mugs… most things one can use to proudly declare one's faith in Christ.

The Husband Chronicles. Helps husbands and single men with helpful household, car, office, and romantic tips, ideas and advice.

Top 20 Singles and Tracks. My personal Top 20 chart. Not really for public consumption, but it's fun to maintain, since I've been doing it since 1990.

And of course, Superblessed, which I've tried to kill but can't seem to do so.

If you do decide to link up, please let me know which blogs you've linked to so I can add you to that website's particular blogroll as well. God superbless!