Yesterday morning, I decided to clean out Nathan's toy chest, getting rid of the old and busted toys (yes, it's very Toy Story). My son has quite a variety, from toy cars to squeeze toys, from alphabet boxes to bubble blowers.

In the course of the cleaning, I found a tool kit that Nate received as a gift, with hammer, ruler, plane, you get the idea. That tool kit came with a plastic cutter that I found at the bottom of that chest.

Looking at the cutter, I marveled at how legit it looked. Wow, I thought to myself, that plastic looks real.

At this point, all neurons to my brain may have shut down, because I ran the cutter along the tip of my finger. To my surprise, blood began to spurt out. It was a real cutter, and I had just cut myself!

In between the self-berating and Cathy's why did you DO that tirade that immediately followed, all I could think of what how I was so glad that I didn't feel like humoring myself and running that blade across my wrist.

Lessons learned:

1) No matter how well you think you can hide your dangerous materials, there's no real way to hide them unless you do it lock-and-key. That cutter is now safely out of Nathan's reach.

2) Fake cutters have no place in a toy tool kit. A 30-year-old kid like me can't tell the difference, what makes me think a 3-year-old can?

3) I want the Fairly Oddparents band-aids. My boo-boo's covered with a band-aid that matches my skin tone, and I don't feel cool at all.

Dude, none of this is cool.