I’m battling a sore throat right now. I know it’s probably punishment for talking too much, but it’s really uncomfortable, and, combined with a mild headache, giving me reason to regret coming in to work. Ugh.

Even more upsetting, this sore throat will inevitably cause me to miss choir practice, for a second week in a row, over at Victory – Fort. This upsets me because two weeks ago, I was asked to help take care of the tenors, and, well, it looks bad that I miss two weeks in a row after being given that important position.

Late last week, Cathy and I were talking about Nathan and how he always waits for us to come home before he falls asleep (nine out of ten times). With Mondays coming home late because the car’s coded until 7PM, Tuesdays coming home late because of Cathy’s class, Wednesdays coming home late because of choir practice, and Thursdays coming home late because it’s professionals’ support group discussion night, I’ve pretty much missed four days out of seven with my son. It’s not easy, and if I look at those days, I think the only thing I can really give up are my Wednesdays (because Monday, I’m stuck in Makati until 7, Tuesdays I can’t let Cathy go home at 9PM!, and Thursdays are essential for Cathy’s and my spiritual growth). Cathy, meanwhile, thinks that isn’t a good idea that I give up being with the choir, given that it’s my chosen ministry and I’m kinda good at it.

So I’m praying for guidance from God and asking Him what to do. The truth is my throat has always been fragile (or maybe it’s actually quite resilient, but the rate that I talk is too much even for the most resilient vocal chords) and the kind of singing required of us – especially for me, because I am not a natural tenor – can really strain it. I don’t want to give up the choir ministry, but I also don’t want be resposible for Nathan’s awful sleeping habits when I come home late four days a week!

Compromises are possible. I suppose I could commute Mondays, so I don’t have to wait until 7 to go home. Then Fridays, I can leave at 5PM and be home by 630PM. Or we could attend a small group closer to home, but that wouldn’t make any sense because leaving at 5PM would just mean arrival at the small group at a late time anyway.

Anyway, I’m optimistic that I will be well by tonight (because I don’t want to miss tomorrow’s discussion group – I’m bringing two friends along!). I hold on to God’s promises, that He knows I trust Him, and Nahum 1:7 tells me that He cares for those who trust in Him, as He is good, my refuge and strength.

Be blessed!