I saw a Bradford Shoes outlet at the SM Mall of Asia a few weeks ago, and the shoes on display immediately caught my eye. What was so special about Bradford shoes?

They promise height increase of up to four inches.

Now that’s a unique selling proposition in the Philippines, if ever I heard one, that could skyrocket these guys to profits in the millions, if marketed properly and driven by good word-of-mouth.
I’d never heard of Bradford shoes prior to seeing them on display at the SM Mall of Asia, and I’ll admit that many of the shoes on display looked pretty darn good. More importantly, they did not look like elevator or platform shoes, which is great for shorter guys like me, looking to avoid the stigma of being shorter than average (I’m 5″6 barefoot).

I was itching to buy myself a pair, save for the rather prohibitive prices (upwards of P3,000 for the average pair). The Wally, pictured on the left, goes for upwards of P4,000, which is well out of reach of my grubby fingers, plus apparently, they don’t have shoes in my size (I’m a 10 1/2, which makes me feel like a short and stubby Ronald McDonald).
Based on what I can tell from the Bradford Shoes website, Bradford shoes are locally manufactured (can you imagine?), so strike up another plus for local shoemakers, because the quality of these shoes looked awesome.

If any of you out there buy a pair of Bradford Shoes, do let me know if they’re good, so I’ll buy myself a pair too.

Update 1: PHOTOS! I bought the Adrian model. I love it!

Photo 1: Beside the fridge. You can compare based on the top of my head. In the left pic, I’m well below the fridge’s line. In the second pic, my head actually exceeds it.


Photo 2: Closeup.



Ā Update 2: I have a new pair of Bradford shoes!