Looking for some topnotch Contemporary Christian Music from upstanding men of God?

My favorite CCM male singer, Mark Schultz, has a new album coming out. The title of the first single – incidentally, the same title as the album – is Broken and Beautiful, and you can listen to it here. While not as catchy as some of his previous topnotchers, including Letters From War, I Am, and the spectacular You Are a Child of Mine, Broken and Beautiful is still light years ahead of some of what’s currently available.

Brandon Heath is a spectacular young man with a distinctive sound. His mindblowing single Our God Reigns is steadily climbing up the charts, and why not? With elements of Chris Tomlin and Aaron Shust, Brandon Heath is your next big CCM singer-songwriter. You can listen to Our God Reigns in full on Brandon’s MySpace page.

Warren Barfield‘s second single off his sophomore album Reach is Come Alive. Radio didn’t pick up on Saved as much as I thought it would, but Come Alive does have a more radio-friendly feel to it. Hopefully, it’ll be a bigger hit than its predecessor. You can listen to a nice lengthy clip of Come Alive on Warren’s official website, and I’m sure it’ll be posted in no time on his MySpace page.

Matthew West‘s third single off his sophomore major-label release, History, is the title track. History has a certain feel about it that may take a while to grow on you, but its lyrics are certainly encouraging and I think it’s a sleeper hit waiting to happen. It certainly is quite different from the previous smash, Only Hope, and is a lot less poppy and a lot more rock-oriented than the carrier single of History, Thirteen (Next Thing You Know).

Finally, adding some ‘color’ to this mix, I recommend Wayburn Dean, an inspiring gospel singer whose Gotta Forgive ‘Em single is smooth R&B/urban CCM. Its crossover potential notwithstanding, Gotta Forgive ‘Em is an outstanding cut.