So, I wasn’t able to record the song I wrote for Pinoy Dream Academy. The weather simply didn’t make for a conducive trek to Makati, which is a shame (who wouldn’t trek for P100,000?). However, there are always silver linings in the dark storm clouds, and God remains faithful. I received a reply from a gentleman from the ultimate Philippine talent agency for Christians, who indicated that ‘Heaven and Earth,’ one of my more recent tracks and one of the ones available for download on my MySpace page, had potential, and asked me for the lyrics.

By God’s grace, this could be the start! I hope it meets their standards, as do the other three I sent (all downloadable on MySpace). This Time, especially, is the only secular track on that list of four, and since the artist who’s recording it right now hasn’t officially bought it from me, I still have dibs on selling it to someone else.

On another note, management is looking for songs for Heart Evangelista and Karylle, and so now I’m now working on two tracks, one called I Choose You, a Kristy Starling-type ballad with Heart E. in mind, and the other, for Karylle, a track called Don’t Walk Away, with a Shanice Wilson vibe to it. Calling on the muses of Diane Warren, come and visit someone else for a change!
If you can remember me in your prayers, please do say a short one for these songs to find their marks and be accepted. Lord, please open this door for me, please, please, please.