On Friday, August 2, 2006, I join the Victory Weekend for Men at the Every Nation headquarters at the Fort.

What is Victory Weekend? Victory Weekend, according to the Victory Christian Fellowship website, is “a seminar and retreat that includes times of worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and personal ministry. Victory Weekend helps Christian men understand and walk in the victory Christ purchased on the cross.”

I always look forward to retreats at church. It’s like we’re cars, and we need to gas up everyday (reading God’s Word, meditating on it, and, of course, talking and listening to Him) to remain in good spiritual shape. Of course, to stay in even better spiritual shape, we should get spiritual checkups, and a retreat is a great time to get that.

Did that analogy work? LOL

I’m bringing a whole platter of issues with me this weekend, and I’m ready to lay them down at God’s feet and claim victory over these issues in the name of Jesus. By next week, hopefully, by God’s grace, I will finally be able to deal with my demons and really become that iron man He can use to really bring glory to His name.

If you can say a quick prayer for me and the other men attending Victory Weekend, I would be very grateful and blessed. 🙂