Got this one from Bene Diction:

If you’re not familiar with blogtipping, it works thus:

  • Choose three or more bloggers you admire and link to them;
  • List three reasons why you admire each one; and
  • Add one tip for each blogger.
  • Dan of Journey Inside My Mind
    • I love his passion for podcasting for Christ and how he’s so good at it
    • I love how he encourages other people with his ‘Official’ titles
    • I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve, and I think more people should be more open like him
    • Tip: Time to design a new website, man; Blogger templates don’t do you justice. 😀
  • Toni of Wifely Steps
    • I love how she looks at the world with wide-eyed wonder; her blog is one of the most refreshing websites I’ve ever seen.
    • I love how she greets every new visitor with genuine friendliness.
    • I love how she goes out of her way to do the challenges her friends posed on her website.
    • Tip: I don’t have any tips for you, dear heart. You’re doing fabulously on your own. No, wait, I do have one tip: don’t ever change.
  • Pam of Nocturnal Angel
    • I love how she doesn’t hesitate to take photos, whether they look good or not
    • I love how she’s so passionate about Havaianas
    • I love how she balances her work with her social life
    • Tip: Girl, more funny posts! you have a wry sense of humor that lifts me up out of the doldrums on a busy day. I hope to eventually meet you. 😉