Tina challenges me:

I challenge you to go to Shepherd’s Staff at Greenbelt, pick a book that you might want to read, pick a CD that you might want to listen to and then on your way out, pick up one of those little messages on their little chest by the door and blog about all three.

So this afternoon, I went to Shepherd’s Staff Greenbelt and had myself a blast. I always enjoy hanging out at Shepherd’s Staff in Greenbelt because I feel I don’t have to worry about my eyes landing on anything that could lead me to sin (bounce the eyes!). The music’s always a blessing and the staff at Shepherd’s Staff Greenbelt are always friendly and accommodating.

[I chose not to take photos.]

For a CD, I picked this one up, Kirk Franklin‘s Hero. I actually have heard the first single off Hero, a slammin’ jam titled Looking For You, absolutely spectacular, and I think I’ll save up for this one. His new single, Imagine Me, is doing well on Billboard too. I wish Praise Music would bring John David Webster‘s debut CD, Made to Shine, though; that album’s first two singles – Miracle and Now – rock my socks!

For a book, I found Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Parent of particular interest. Lately, I’ve taken to praying over Nathan in his sleep, and there’s nothing like a parent’s earnest prayers for his children, yes? I claimed his success in Jesus’ name, to be a million times better than me, and for him to have that relationship with Jesus, and for him to become a mighty man of God who He will use to bring many more people back to Him. I prayed for his future wife, that her parents would raise her well and have her know Jesus too, and that together, they would raise up generations of God-fearing Filipinos who would do their best for God and country…

This book could help, I imagine. 😀

Finally, the verse I picked out from the treasure chest is Ezekiel 34:11, very appropriate for me since I recently started a covenant relationship with an officemate: This is what the Lord God says: I, myself, will search for my sheep and take care of them. Truly, God will take care of those He loves, and He loves you and me equally. Praise God for His merciful and loving heart.

Thanks for the challenge, Tina. I loved it!