Thanks to Rickey, I’ve learned that Perez Hilton and Ain’t It Cool News both think my favorite American Idol of all time, Jennifer Hudson, is spectacular in Dreamgirls, having caught the pre-screening and issued Hudson glowing reviews.

Hilton says, “This has to be the most unexpected performance I have seen in like years. This is one of those newcomer performances that comes along in a blue moon. Everything the queens came to worship the character of Effie for are beautifully realised by [Jennifer] Hudson. She yells, she screams, and she tells Jamie Fox to shut up (what most of us want to do but haven’t plucked up the courage). One of the best scenes in the film involves her finding out she has been kicked out of the group, in favour of Bee. She rants, she’s practically about ready to punch Beyonce and Jamie Foxx out, and then they abandon her…. and the song comes… yes the song that everyone was wondering “Could she do justice to it?” Well she does and then some. Every word, every note, is so perfectly created it’s just thrilling to watch…. this is gonna get her an Oscar nomination.”

Meanwhile, Nightmare of Ain’t It Cool says, “Jennifer Hudson is absolutely Academy-Award level.”

It’s what we’ve been saying all along, y’all. I’m so happy Jennifer Hudson is finally going to get the props she deserves. Go J-Hud!