These days, God has given me blessing after blessing after blessing, and if you’re the type who keeps asking, ‘when will the poop hit the fan,’ you’re bound to curse your day and get a really bad day. While I didn’t curse my day, I did have a bad one yesterday – among other things, got my ancient ATM card swallowed by the machine for sheer dilapidation and forgot my umbrella at the Food Court. God gently reminded me, though, in Psalms 46:10: Be still and know that I am God. Properly chastised and repentant, I gave that day to Him and went to bed full of hope and Cathy’s delicious macaroni and cheese.

Today, listening to Tulele Faletolu sing Hillsong Australia’s Still (off their Hope album, a spectacular double disc), I was reminded by God that He was still in control, and I entrusted my day to Him. It could’ve been a bad day, all wet and monochromatic, no thanks to Manila’s monsoon rains, but on the way to work, I received a quick phone call from the church’s worship ministry leader, who asked if I could sing backup on Sunday.
After calming myself and screaming a wholehearted “YES! Praise God, thank you, brother!” into that blessed man’s ear, I headed off to work with a smile on my face and a lilt in my step that hasn’t faded an hour later. Few things bring me so much joy as singing God’s praises – whether I’m in the privacy of my home or as part of the church choir – and this opportunity to step up and serve in the music ministry is something that superblesses me immensely.

And today is PAYDAY! Whee! *sets aside ten percent *

The icing on the cake was reading ever-faithful, ever-encouraging Bene Diction post this testimonial for blogging on my MySpace page:

The beds are sweet (if that is you on piano, you have a nice touch) they don’t overshadow the vocals.
Your music focuses on Christ; it isn’t juvenile me and God music, sappy or trite, it’s worship, shows spiritual maturity and I like it.
If I had to pick, my favorites are – To me You Are Everything – the harmony surprises me in that one and Incomparable – it stills my spirit. You have a steady voice, good range and you’ve written your music to fit it. What’s not to like. :^)

That songs of mine are blessing people not even from my home country just blows my mind. My dream of making music that glorifies Jesus Christ is becoming a reality right before my eyes, and I am humbled and encouraged on a daily basis. Here’s to a lifetime of service and God-music. May I never stray from that credo – if this is truly God’s plan for me, thank you, Lord, I joyfully accept Your plan!


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