emi2.gifYesterday, at the place where I work, the gang threw a surprise party for its CEO. The highlight of the party was a special cake made by Art Cakes in Glorietta.

As the Art Cakes picture to the left shows you, the folks at Art Cakes really know how to many a truly attractive art cake! Based on a design by one of the company designers, this art cake features a hedgehog (whoses spines are made of luscious chocolate icing) on light, fluffy, not-too-sweet green icing. Inside that art cake was a rich, moist chocolate cake. The art cake was delicious and attractive, and truly special. The CEO got a real kick out of it.

emi1.gifIn the picture to the right, the CEO is seen holding a greeting card with the same image, signed by all the members of the company. You’ll notice the art cake got virtually the exact same green color of the grass and the brown spines of the hedgehog.

One of the CEO’s favorite sayings, ‘the fox knows many things, the hedgehog one big thing,” showing how he values simplicity and knowing what one is best at, is also iced on art cake and card.

We were very, very happy with the Art Cake from Glorietta, and if you’re interested in taking a look at what Art Cakes in Glorietta has to offer (or better yet, would like to have them custom-make an art cake for you), here are the contact numbers:

Art Cakes Glorietta, 2nd Floor, Glorietta 2 (Phone: 813.0283)

Art Cakes EDSA Shangri-la, 5th Floor, EDSA Shangri-la mall (Phone: 636.0976)

Art Cakes SM City North EDSA, Ground Floor, SM City North EDSA (Phone: 925.6701)