“Our God reigns over the heavens
Over the earth, our God reigns!
Praise His Name, all still standing!
All that was, all that remains,
Our God reigns!

Our God Reigns, Brandon Heath

God has been so faithful, and for me to witness first-hand how He reigns in my life, giving me that which I most fervently desire, to give glory to Him, well, it just stuns me. His Name be praised!
Thirty days from today, I embark on my dream job: an Account Manager position at Agatep and Associates, one of the country’s most respected public relations firms! It’s the culmination of what I’ve been doing for years at DLS-CSB, then on and off for various clients… my head just starts to spin at the possibilities.
All the hard work, all the brain-bleeding in coming up with graphic and PR concepts, all the two-cent opportunities presented and taken… all of it pays off now. God be praised! Agatep and Associates – wow, God is truly good.
Of course, I have to prove myself to a new group of people whose passion for excellence is already proven. By God’s grace, I will meet their expectations and show them what a Christian can do. As Ateneo’s creed goes, ad majorem Dei gloriam (for God’s greater glory).
There’s no better place – other than full-time ministry – I’d rather be to build up my career. If you can say a little prayer of thanksgiving, courage, and excellence for me, please do.