Beyond this bended knee
Beyond the words I speak
Beyond the songs I sing
Hear My Worship
All that my heart can bring
This is my offering
Jesus my Holy King
Hear my worship

– Hear My Worship, Jaime Jamgochian

Some randomnities I just felt like blogging on today in light of the busy workload I’ve got:

  • I want to testify to God’s goodness! Soon after I got offered the job at one of the country’s largest and most respected public relations firms, Cathy was promoted at work! Ain’t God a Blesser?! Thank you, Lord! My wife sooooooo deserves it. She’s spectacular at what she does. I’ve lost track of the number of times she’s sat down with me in the car and fumed about how she can’t do more things for her school. Cathy really does stand for excellence in every way, and it’s amazing how effective she is at what she does. I love you, sweetheart; congratulations!
  • I am starting work on yet another new worship song in light of the great things that have been happening to my family and me. I believe fully that God is going to usher in 2007 with my family and me totally dependent on Him and superblessed with a new home, new yaya, and new hope in Him. The title of the song? Rely On You, based on Psalm 42. When my spirit grows faint within me, it is You who knows my way… on the road on which I walk, You’re with me, remove the stumbling stones I pray…
  • Jaime Jamgochian‘s Hear My Worship is now #1 on the Radio & Records’ Inspo chart! Congratulations, Jaime! Jamgochian’s Hear My Worship, in case anyone cares, is now #3 on my weekly Top 20 chart, after Starfield‘s Son of God (up 4-1) and Brandon Heath‘s Our God Reigns (to hear the songs, click on the artist’s name to proceed to their respective MySpace pages).
  • Suri Cruise is adorable! Her famous father may be experiencing tough times (“tough times,” of course, being totally relative, since he is the world’s biggest film star), but his baby is so cute! I believe it’s his, and I think we should leave him, Suri, and Katie alone.

How are things going with you? 🙂