Listening to: Unleashed by Warren Barfield


I love Warren Barfield‘s music. It’s a shame he’s not locally available (as are a lot of Sony/PLG artists, including Brandon Heath).

For today’s Thursday Thirteen, I’ve decided to join the others at and list 13 things I like about myself.

1 I’ve got a great smile. People say that about me – the widest, most genuine smile they’ve ever seen – all the time. What do you think?
2 I know how to cook. I bake, I stirfry, I can whip up a mean blue cheese and walnut pasta dish that’ll knock your socks off.
3 I’m not afraid to cry. I cry at the drop of a hat. Movies, commercials, books, name it, I’ve cried to it.
4 I like giving compliments. The world needs more people who can lift up, not tear down.
5 I have a wife and son. Ten years ago, I really believed I’d end up alone, believe it or not.
6 I can write music.. I like that I can write songs. Visit my MySpace page for samples!
7 I’m creative. I can do graphic design, sing, host… God is good.
8 I can’t dance but I’m willing to try. In 2007, I fully intend to enroll in dance classes with Cathy.
9 I’m funny. I’ve got a great sense of humor.
10 I’m a great shoulder to cry on. People can trust me not to blab their secrets.
11 I like kid shows. You’re never too old to stop watching cartoons and kid shows. Nathan and I watch Blue’s Clues all the time.
12 I can write. I actually won an award for my writing.
And finally…
13 I have Web friends like you! Welcome to my website if you’re surfing in for the first time; to the regulars, and thanks for dropping by regularly. I love it when you do, and I hope we’ll always be web buddies. God bless you!

Here’s my encouraging quote for you today: This is what the Lord God says: I, myself, will search for my sheep and take care of them. – Ezekiel 34:11

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