After watching Apple Chiu get voted off last night, I’m thisclose to kissing Philippine Idol goodbye. Even after the changes for the better, even after all the hopeful prayers and money I’ve sent to keep my Idols in the competition, I just lose them, week after week after week.

First, I lost Drae. Then Reymond. Then Arms. Then Apple. It’s like, every week, my Idol of choice gets shafted. I’m tired of spending money on votes, using valuable time to blog on the other blog, and basically giving loyalty to a show whose remaining contestants just don’t do it for me.

Ideally, in this type of situation, fans of an eliminated Idol to shift another after their Idol is voted off. Unfortunately, the almost incomprehensible juggernaut of some of the contestants with less appeal to me seems too great to overcome. They may have less fans, but for as long as they send the money in to keep them in the game, well, they’ll continue to sing, foreboding a not-too-rosy future for the show.

I guess I always thought that the ‘Idol’ formula would work here in the Philippines. I realize now that I may actually be wrong, because money talks here, and there simply may not enough voters to counteract a few hundred thousand votes cast by the families and friends of those with relatively large bank accounts.

I wonder where the finals of Philippine Idol will be held. Araneta? ULTRA? Folk Arts? I wonder if the families and friends of the less talented but more moneyed contestants will have enough numbers to fill up the venue. [Well, it’ll fill up since the other eliminated contestants will be singing there anyway, but you can imagine who’ll receive the most cheers. Betcha it won’t be the folks I’ve got in mind.]