I didn’t go to the High School Musical auditions at the Ateneo last Saturday. Nathan’s latest nanny didn’t return to us after her day off, and I decided to do the right thing and stay home with my pregnant wife and hyperactive son. We learned a few days later that she took a job at a garment’s factory, leaving her clothes and everything behind. It was a little unusual, I have to admit, and I can honestly say in my heart of hearts that she was treated well, so this latest betrayal comes as a shock to me.

At any rate, I doubt I would’ve stood a chance, especially since there was a dancing segment, and unless they didn’t require the actors playing faculty to dance – an infinitessimal possibility – I probably wouldn’t have made it anyway.

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. I have to admit that – hey, I’m 29 going on 30 – maybe a thriving career in music or theater is not meant to be. After all, I promised God it would be His music, and His call, and His timing, that would lead my efforts in making music. My songs are God-songs, and maybe it’s best that my music just focus on Him. If my desire is to make it big in this industry, and that’s not God’s plan, well, Lord, sa Inyo pa rin ang lahat. Salamat pa rin, Lord, dahil loves Ninyo pa rin ako, kahit ang KSP ko.

If God paves the way towards a career in theater for me, that’ll be on His terms. There’ll be other chances; if not, hey, I have a loving wife and a handsome kid who love me to bits. Another beautiful child is joining us in June – that’s what really matters.