I can’t get over it. I’m typing this entry from home! For the first time ever, I actually have an Internet connection in my actual house. I don’t have to go next door. I don’t have to run frantic to send a quick email. I can live blog for Philippine Idol! [Big deal, one week to go.]

Thanks to my uber-techie in-law brothers, Erikson and Rey, who bought me this wireless LAN thingamajig that allows me to go online even without a modem. Hot dawg.

Just a quick update, though, because you never know when the connection might get cut off. We’re still nannyless, which partially explains why I’m here. Cathy’s mother-in-law flew to China with my father-in-law for their first just-the-two-of-us vacation since… since… Lord, I can’t remember them ever taking a vacation, just the two of them. Since Mama Jane’s not here, and we have no nanny, it was either Cathy or me. Cathy didn’t have any choice because she’d already been absent with sick leave for the past two weeks, so that left me.

I’m not perturbed, though, because – surprise! – I am sick once again. This time a more potent bout with tonsillitis. It actually got so bad that I bogged down last Thursday with a fever bordering on 39 and the chills. I can’t recall the last time I had a fever that high. So I’m supposed to stay home and rest, but if you’ve a hyperactive three-year-old in the house running amok, well, good luck to ye. So good luck to me. I’m downing antibiotics – Zithromax, sounds like a superhero straight out of Vertigo comics – and gargling Betadine every three hours because it hurts to swallow.

Anyway, if you need anything, just holler or send me an email, you know where I’m at. And if you’re asking if I need anything, well, inclusion in your prayers for a new nanny and a quick recovery from this tonsillitis would be nice. Thanks, y’all.