Andrew posted a ten things that begin with the letter ___ meme. Here’s how it works: When you see this meme and want to participate, post a comment requesting a letter (as I did at Andrew’s site), and the blogger will respond in the comment form with a letter of his/her choice. Then you go back to your blog and post about ten things that start with that letter.

Andrew was gracious enough to give me an “L.” These were the top 10 things that came to mind:

1. Lisa Simpson. Of all Simpsons characters, I felt an affinity most to brainiac school band member Lisa. She reads. She plays a brass instrument. She sometimes feels the need to rebel, but knows when to tune out the voices. I like that she’s an overachiever with just a hint of mischievousness.

2. Leopard skin. I hate that people kill animals just for fur. When I was a kid, my mom made this tiger skin rug out of yarn, and I have fond memories of my brother and I messing around on that rug. The big difference? Hello, it was yarn. When animals have to be used to make a fashion statement, it is so obviously fashion faux pas.

3. Lollipops. Again, when I was a kid, I used to love these lollipops that came with built-in musical whistles in their sticks. I forget the exact name, but those were fun. Chupa Chups were also a favorite, although I was always hesitant to buy them in public because the kids at my grade school made naughty references to the brand name.

4. Leia in her gold bikini. Hot. Hot. Hot.

5. Larry the Cucumber. When Veggietales first came out, I was totally captivated by the singing green cucumber. Bob was always the fall guy, and Larry the kooky vegetable who got to do all the fun stuff that Bob was too stodgy to do. Everyone, on my count… one, two, three! Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where oh where oh where… is my hairbrush!

6. Livin’ La Vida Loca. Some people couldn’t stand this song, but like Chris Rock said, this song is the Puerto Rican Whoomp! (There It Is!). Even for the late 90s, it was a darn catchy song, and well, Ricky Martin may not have the kind of career he had when he blasted off into the English market with this genius of a song, but in the heyday, this was the song to sing. Sure beats singing Cher’s Believe.

7. Leron Leron Sinta. A classic Filipino song about a vegetable patch.

Leron, leron sinta
Buko ng papaya,
Dala-dala’y buslo,
Sisidlan ng sinta,
Pagdating sa dulo’y
Nabali ang sanga
Kapos kapalaran,
Humanap ng iba.


[Leron, Leron my love
Climbs a papaya tree,
With him a basket
new to hold the fruit for me.
But when he reached the top.
A branch broke off in haste,
‘Twas such an evil luck,
The lost one please replace.]

8. Listen. The first single off the OST of Dreamgirls. I hate how the media and tons of bloggers are hatin’ on Beyonce. Give the woman her due! [But give Jennifer Hudson more!]

9. Luther Vandross. The King of Soul. My top 10 Luther tracks: Power of Love (Love Power), Don’t Want to Be a Fool, Here and Now, The Best Things in Life are Free, Sometimes It’s Only Love, Endless Love, I Who Have Nothing, Dance With My Father, A House is Not A Home, and The Lady Is a Tramp.

10. Leviticus and Luke. Two Bible books starting with the letter L.