First off, I just want to say “Thank you” to every single person who swung into over the past 12 months. Whether you visited for the first time, thanks in part to searches from Philippine Idol to Jennifer Hudson, or whether you’ve been my friend since I started blogging in 1999, I want to thank you for your love, prayers and support.

My blogging star may have dimmed in the years gone by as real life started to intrude – Cathy and Nathan, after all, require a little more time, and once Baby Deen #2 comes into the picture, I can’t imagine how I’ll ever find time to blog as often as I did – but you’re being around has really helped make my online life fun, exciting, and truly worth keeping.

Having said that, I skipped the nominees this year because I have to mail that medicine box to Project Miracle this weekend. As I mentioned in a previous post, I would like to honor the winners of the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards 2006 by donating medicines to Typhoon Reming’s victims in Bicol in the names of the winners.

“Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” – 1 Cor 15:57

The winners of the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards 2006 are selected by sheer virtue of their having blessed me. Regardless of whether their blogs are explicitly Christian in nature or whether they ‘live the life,’ if you will, I wish to honor these phenomenal men and women of Christ, and pray their stars continue to shien brightly as they blog for Jesus. Be superblessed!

Best Designed Blog. I’ve known Joaquin Valdes informally since I interviewed him for LIVEtheLIFE Magazine, and got to know him a little more after joining the choir/backup at Victory Christian Fellowship Fort, and I never get tired of how he is never ashamed to testify of His love for Jesus. I love the interactivity of, the website detailing his journey and search for a great Christmas date. I mayn’t necessarily agree with his methods, but I give him plus points for gumption and great design.

Most Humorous Blog.
Mental Foreplay. I’ve followed Pam ever since she grabbed hold of the editor position at the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 2BU section, and it has improved by leaps and bounds under her able leadership. Her blog is a wry view at her life, and her infatuation with Havaianas never fails to put a smile on my face. A visit to Mental Foreplay is always an interesting, never-boring experience to be savored and truly enjoyed.

Most Educational Blog.
Doc Emer. Last year, Doc Emer beat us out for Most Educational Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards, and rightly so. Parallel Universes is chockful of information about health and other topics, and I’ve learned so much from him.

Most Introspective Blog
7 Day Holy. Tanya has maintained this blog for the past few years, and it has served as an oasis of love and refreshing for me. When I’m feeling low spiritually, I run to 7 Day Holy, and I feel and remember God’s love flow through the words on the screen. God’s voice of truth speaks through this website.

Most Useful Christian Resource Ever since added The Message’s translation to its archives, I haven’t been able to pull myself away since. Presenting the Word of God, in various forms, to suit every taste and sensibility.

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog.
Wifely Steps. I love Toni for many, many reasons. When one visits Wifely Steps, one gets solid, delicious bites of comedy, domestic assistance, philosophy, religion, relatinship advice, and so many other things. I love how Wifely Steps looks at the world as a good, positive place, and relates this positivity towards making the world even better. The eyes of a child couldn’t equal the wonder present on this blog.

Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog.
Be Still. The sporadic blogger that is Francis may not be present to blog on a regular basis, but when he does, each entry is chockful of joy, love, and thanksgiving for God’s grace. I’ve seen his struggles, and I know his pain, but I also know he relies on a great and mighty God to get him through, and it’s in reading about how Jesus continues to bail him out every single time, that I am encouraged by this man’s faith.

Most Enjoyable Female Filipino-Christian Blog.
In My Pocket. Noelle has been a favorite of mine for years, and this particular year, I’ve seen her grow so much in her faith and her life that I naturally can’t help but be encouraged. I know God will use her even more as He molds her, and In My Pocket will detail that growth to encourage and satisfy other Christian believers. Good job living that life, Noelle.

Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Esteban of the Bakura Chronicles. Esteban and his wife Danielle are going to have a baby! But that’s not the only reason why I choose E, as I call him. Esteban’s faith has always been a great source of inspiration to me, and I’m glad his life continues to be superblessed by God as testament to his faith.

Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Sue and Katie of Sisters’ Weblog. Sisters’ Weblog, last year’s Blog On! Most Superblessed Christian Blog, continues to encourage me with its ample mix of real-life stories and personal introspection. I love how Sue can look at her new job with a good mix of wonder, excitement and trepidation, and rely completely on God for strength.

Most Enjoyable Podcast.
Ed’s Mixed Bag. I got to know Ed Ovett just this year, and in that span of time, I have learned so much about podcasting and making one’s content available through the Web. Ed’s Mixed Bag is truly that, with a great mix of fantastic music, thought-provoking musings on life, and a left-of-center look at the world. It’s always a pleasure to download his latest podcast, and it’s a blessing to have him as an inspiration in my own podcasting.

Superblessed Hall of Fame Award
What In Tarnation. I don’t think anyone is more deserving of this award this year than Christopher Wright. Maybe it’s because he teaches kids, and funny teachers are a lot more fun than unfunny ones. Maybe it’s because he’s just naturally witty, or sarcastic, or what have you. Maybe it’s because he’s encouraged me too too much throughout the years. Or maybe it’s the air in Montana. Good job, Mr. Wright. Rock those kids’ worlds.

The Blog On! Most Superblessed Christian Blog of 2006.
Journey Inside My Mind. This year, I have seen Dan Johnson live his faith out in so many ways, it makes my head spin. When I look at him and see how his joy comes from God, despite things that would have felled lesser men, I am reminded of God’s power and greatness. No man deserves this award better than Dan Johnson, because in everything he does – as he takes us through a journey through his mind, if you will – you can see how Christ fills it up and leads him on. For being his brother in Christ, one of his prayer partners, and his friend, I am superblessed, honored, and privileged to give the Blog On! Superblessed Christian Blog Award 2006 to my friend, Dan Johnson.