For this week’s Thursday Thirteen (Fridays in Manila), I write down 13 resolutions for the New Year.

1 Take life less seriously. My God is an awesome God, so why should I go about with rainclouds on my head?

2 Quit the soda. Empty calories and caffeine that no longer jolts. What’s the point? Hello, water!

3 Monthly date nights. Cathy and I need our time and space. Sorry, Nathan, here’s your pillow. Good night, kid.

4 Give up the mindless snacking. My body is the temple of God. It is not His Mall of Asia. Not His Megamall. Not even His Nepa-Q-Mart. Darn it, I want to be faithful and FITful!

5 Think more, talk less. Listen more, gripe less. I can do greater things for this world if my world view expands and I focus less on me.

6 Write songs again. It’s gotten harder because I’m starting to lose the wonder. Lord, I wanna fall in love with You all over again.

7 Audition for something… anything! In 2006, I promised to audition for at least three different productions, and arrived nowhere. This year, I’m going to do it at least once. January’s got that Standup Comedy Challenge… maybe I’ll start there.

8 Go out with friends. I had a bunch of friends back in the day, most of whom I am now out of touch with. It’d be nice to see them again.

9 Participate in music ministry even more wholeheartedly. Music is a gift from God – why am I not using it enough to glorify Him? Wait no longer!

10 One word: exercise.

11 Be less sarcastic. It just doesn’t work with Filipinos.

12 Envy less. Sure, people have more than I do. I’ve got a great life!

13 Love more. In a cold, cynical world, random acts of goodness are like little bursts of warmth that I believe will have a great effect on the people on this planet.

Here’s my encouraging quote for you today: God isn’t looking for someone who is used to being wanted. He’s looking for someone who wants to be used. It’s not that God has preferences; it’s just so much easier to work with and bless someone who’s already with the program. Are you willing to get with the program and trust in Him to provide everything else you’ll ever need?

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