gannsyes.gifLast week, I sent the DirectWithHotels/Superblessed Christian Blog Awards Medicine Relief Box to Project Miracle’s homebase in Mandaluyong City. If you recall, I promised to send a box of medicines to the victims of Typhoon Reming (as allowed by my meager salary) in the names of the winners of the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards, which I did. I also conducted a fundraising drive to boost the number of medicines, so, thanks in large part to friends of mine from my office, we were able to send the following:

  • For fever, 600 capsules of Rite-Med paracetamol
  • For diarrhea, 200 capsules of Lormide
  • For dehydration, 120 tablets of Hydrite oral rehydration salts

I want to thank everyone who made this small medicine box possible. This is more than a once-a-year drive; this is a step out of our comfort zones to make a difference every day, so thank you. May 2007 be a year of blessing for you in abundance in the name of Jesus Christ, who inspires us to do great deeds because He performed the greatest deed of all.