reconnect.gifI call this the Reconnect Project.

My Reconnect Project is simple: reconnect with old friends.

If you are an actual friend of mine and you happen to be in Makati City during lunch or after 5pm, I would love to meet up with you for a snack. No strings attached, no hidden agenda. I just want to catch up.

The fact is, eight years after I’ve graduated from college, I realize I’ve lost touch with most of my friends. Thing is, I do value your friendship. I do value your time. I value YOU. This 2007, I want to reconnect with YOU.

So, if you either work in Makati City, or are planning to be in the area, comment below with an email address or mobile number and I’ll send you my mobile number. Let’s meet up for donuts and coffee (hey, I value you, but I don’t have too much cash, especially if I’m meeting up with one old friend every day!).

Again, I can’t make this clear enough. This invitation is just for friends I’ve lost touch with. People I know, people in college, grade school, high school, maybe acquaintances I’ve run into from an old place of work…

We’ll have a blast! Seeing each other again, exchanging stories, learning what you’ve been up to all this time. After each meeting, I’ll upload photos online (unless you don’t want me to), and talk about what a great blessing it is to have a friend like you.

So! Who’s up first? 🙂