For this week’s Thursday Thirteen (Fridays in Manila), I list 13 Guilty Pleasure songs (with links to YouTube videos to add to your enjoyment) from the 80s team of Stock, Aitkin, and Waterman. Relive the joy and the synthesizers. ๐Ÿ™‚

1 Love in the First Degree. Bananarama. Take you back to the 80s, when big hair was in vogue and it was okay to dance with hunky prisoners.

2 That’s What Love Can Do. Boy Krazy. One-hit wonder girl group made a darn catchy song.

3 Especially For You. Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan. This duet sold millions, and established both Kylie and ex-BF Jason as bonafide stars. The link takes you to her version with Kermit the Frog.

4 Better the Devil You Know. Sonia. She’s had bigger hits, but came in 2nd in Eurovision 1993 with the rehash of the Kylie single.

5 Better the Devil You Know. Steps. Can’t stand Sonia? Try Steps!

6 Together Forever. Rick Astley. Oh, Lord, have mercy on the cheese! But I’ll give Rick Astley this – his voice continues to be one of the most distinguishable in modern music. ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 Too Many Broken Hearts. Jason Donovan may not have ended up with Kylie Minogue, but it’s hard not to care when music is this poppy.

8 This Time I Know It’s For Real. Donna Summer sang this gem years after disco’s heyday, but it remains one of her definite tracks. It’s still pretty good – doesn’t sound dated at all.

9 When I’m Good and Ready. Sybil. Her biggest hit in the Philippines was Make It Easy on Me, but I like this pop smash right here.

10 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now. Samantha Fox. One-time soap star becomes one-time pop singer. But this song is still classic.

11 Gonna Catch You. Lonnie Gordon. This song was HUGE here in Manila.

12 Showin’ Out. Mel and Kim. God, 80s madness! “Get fresh at the weekend!” What a LINE!

13 Cross My Broken Heart. Sinitta. This song was also a big hit for Sinitta in the UK, so give it a listen.

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