gannshmm.gifThis year, I was doing really well on my fast. I felt God talking to me, and He pointed out things I needed to do. I was flushing all the toxins out, and I was starting to really get going. It was really good, until my cousin Vanessa got married, and I went to her lavish wedding.

I resolved not to eat anything but soup. They had, like, a thousand entrees but not a single bowl of soup. I ended up gorging on cheese! And some vegetable lasagna! And TURKEY!

Lord, I’m sorry! Hu hu hu!

Today, though, I still felt a real breakthrough in my conversations with God. He pointed out an old sin I fell victim to time and again in the past, and I’ve repented of it (with matching hagulgol, it hurts to banish old demons). Today’s reading ran me through the trustworthy Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through him who gives me strength – and I firmly believe I can do it. Cathy will help me (as will a few quick installments of appropriate Net software).

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for feedback from a worship pastor to see if I can play or sing tonight now that I’ve let my flesh get the better of me. Darn it.