reconnect.gifLast night, Cathy joined me for dinner with my old college gang, the Lonely Hearts Club (LHC). I’m really not sure why that was our name, given that most of the folks in the ‘club’ weren’t really lonely (we had each other!), but it was a joy to see them again.

What I’ve learned from my LHC friends:

From Toni: I’ve learned that observers oftentimes have more fun. I’ve learned that the goodness of good people will inevitably shine through. I believe that good people will be richly rewarded.

From Anj: I’ve learned that people who are happy with their work look younger. I’ve learned that working to make people’s lives better does really enhance a person’s self-worth. I’ve learned that long-distance relationships are possible and can work if the two parties can admit their security in each other.

From Erik: I’ve learned that, at day’s end, love that society classifies as either unconditional or taboo, is still love.

From Bok: I’ve learned that the government does have its little merits. I’ve learned that intelligence and confidence does make a woman sexy. And I’ve learned that past issues with a friend – real or imagined – don’t have to fester; if a person is truly a friend, that person and you will get along. Famously.