gannsyes.gifI lost around five pounds at the 2007 Victory Christian Fellowship prayer and fasting effort. That’s one-tenth of the total number of pounds I would like to shed off in 2007. At least three of my friends are on start-of-year weight loss programs, so I figure I might as well join them.

I call this my Slim4Him Project (motivated by my desire to lose weight so my body will truly be God’s temple, not God’s Megamall or God’s Mall of Asia). I’ll try to have once-a-week updates.

I’ve failed on every single diet I’ve been on, save for a crash diet in 1996 that saw me drop 30 lbs in three weeks. I’ve obviously gained that weight back and then some. I don’t intend to fail this time – failure is not an option when God has my back.

Here it goes!