gannshmm.gifIt’s half past 12 in the morning. I can’t believe I’m still awake. The perils of taking work home with you, I suppose.

Anyway, I glanced at Technorati’s hottest search terms and found the name ‘Tammy Nyp’ at #2. I had no idea who this woman was, so I Googled her only to find she is the latest female student to have a sex tape leak onto the Internet.

The Philippines had its fair share of ‘scandals,’ starting with ‘the original’ La Salle scandal (that was retitled AMA Scandal, Benilde Scandal, and a host of other school scandals). Weeks later, every Filipino porno flick was retitled with the word ‘scandal’ and distributed in pirated format or through the Internet.

Later on, when alleged sex tapes of Filipino celebrities surfaced, including supposed videos of Ethel Booba and Paolo Bediones among them, it became the rage amongst Filipino pornographers to find celebrity lookalikes and film them in sex scenes, later on released as celebrity sex scandals.

Meanwhile, the two parties involved in every sex tape have to live with a certain amount of embarrassment, especially the lady. It’s a shame, really; each girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s wife or girlfriend, someone’s loved one. It’s a terrible thing to be exposed like that. I can’t say it puzzles me why anyone would do that to someone else who, in the eyes of another person, is a prized person. But that’s the world we live in, I guess.
Whether it is a Paris Hilton sex tape, a Tammy Nyp sex tape, a Colin Farrell sex tape, an Aubrey Miles sex tape, or a Tommy and Pamela sex tape, what is glaringly obvious is that there is obviously a growing clamor for pornographic material. With the advent of the You online generation, where materials like these can be distributed freely through email, pornographic video content websites, even mobile phones, the lesson to be learned here is clear: If you don’t want your sex tape to ever get out, don’t make a sex tape.

Looking for links to any of the sex tapes mentioned in this blog post? Don’t expect them here. 😉