gannsno.gifHaven’t weighed myself in over a week now. Don’t know if I’m gaining or losing. I feel I’m losing, especially since I’m moving around a lot more, but I certainly didn’t help today’s effort with my food intake. Had one chickendog for breakfast, which wasn’t bad, and then about 250g of tuna sashimi for lunch (with incredibly brain-blowing wasabi! Man, my nose cleared up like *snap* THAT!).

Then, I lost it. About three spoonfuls of homemade leche flan (cream custard) from Annalyn, an officemate; one pinipig crunch ice cream lolly; half a pint of Magnolia chocolate ice cream; one KitKat White bar; and two thirds a pack of Granny Goose Tortillas.

Darn it. I was doing so well.

I am sooooooooo not eating dinner. Hu hu hu!