I’ve been a Filipino-Christian blogger for more than seven years, and the Blog Parteeh ’07 is the first time I’ve been even remotely interested in an eyeball.

So, what do you think, fellas? Shall we see each other there, and bring together a strong Filipino-Christian blogger contingent? Email superblessed at gmail dot com.

Update: I got my e-ticket in my email a few minutes ago, so I guess, yeah, I’m going! My name’s on the website as well. Now, here’s the next quandary, in poetic form:

Now that I’m going, what am I to wear?
What will go well with my stylish brown hair?
Can I wear flipflops, or shall I wear shoes?
Should I drive there and then not drink free booze?

Really, the problems I have with this life
revolve around how to make peace with my wife.

For when she finds out that I’m going to this,
I just might be wrong, but I think she’ll be pissed.

Love you, honey!