Based on last night’s BlogParteeh, here are 10 reasons to prove why there is a God:

10. Got to meet, greet, and take photos with the bloggers on my wish list, including Noemi, Abe, and Migs.

9. Joni was thinking she’d have no one to hang out with. Turns out my wallflower officemate ended up becoming Ms Popular. Who would’ve thunk?

8. Apparently, some people thought I was noisy and obnoxious boisterous. I’m sorry, was I? That’s great; I thought people would think I was shy and demure. (Nothing kills a party like silent people. What, you wanna sit around and stare at each other?)

7. Three whole Christians and one atheist at a table, and no food fight. Lord, ang galing Ninyo.

6. There are people who blog about good Bo Sanchez! Bo Sanchez! Bo Sanchez! things in this world. Kudos to you, Jun.

5. I got a picture with BO SANCHEZ! Hahahaha! This man rocks my socks! And check out the photos – the holy man matched me wide grin for wide grin!
4. I sat at the luckiest most God-blessed tabbp06.gifle ever. Like, everyone at my table won a prize. Geri took home too many prizes to count.

3. The winner of the I-Pod, AJ, accepted his prize in the coolest way ever – arms on sides, head slightly tilted, with that, well, yeah, so here I am, sorry folks, my prize grin on this face. There is a God because the winner wasn’t some boisterous person who felt entitled to it. I wish I was half as droll.

2. I won the prize I wanted. Sure, I didn’t win the IPod, nor the classy speakers. But the one prize I did want, I got. I won the Bubba Gump gift cert! Yummy shrimp meal, here I come!

And the number one reason why there is a God…

1.  Benj and I didn’t end up killing each other (well, he bp09.gifwould’ve killed me if there weren’t too many witnesses). Turns out that he’s not as… um… freakishly scary as I thought. No knives or anything. I left the party feeling much, much better. That still won’t stop me from whupping his ass on PEx when he gets all vitriolic.

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