A book. I started on a new book last night. Titled How to Be a Man of Character in a World of Compromise, this devotional book from Richard Exley details how godly men can build for themselves a solid foundation of character and integrity. It takes its lessons from the Bible’s book of Proverbs.

I am looking forward to learning a lot, especially in light of last week’s Blog Parteeh. I don’t think I made the best impression.

A bib. I uploaded a new design onto FaithFactor. It’s a bib featuring FaithFactor’s resident cartoon sheep. The text reads, “I am the sheep and Jesus Christ is my shepherd.” If you’d like to purchase one, it retails for only US$8.00. Support Christian designers!

A bruise. Cathy sprained her foot early yesterday. Combine that with all the nausea and dizziness, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for two stay-at-home parents. Nathan spent the entire day in front of my desktop, playing on Orisinal.

Baby Names. Meanwhile, Baby Deen #2 has started to kick. Cathy finds it a bit discomfiting, but this baby seems to be a fighter. In about two months, we’ll go for that ultrasound and find out if Nathan’s sibling is going to be a boy or a girl. We’ve TONS of potential baby names, especially since we’re hedging on the original names we came up with. My shortlist, which Cathy has neither seen nor approved, includes:

  • BOYS
    • Nicklaus. The strongest contender for a boy’s name, since it’s similar to my Dad’s name, Nicholas, and is English for “victorious.”
    • Noah. I like going with a Biblical name. It’s Hebrew for “rest.”
    • Nolan. It’s Gaelic for “famous.” When I hear Nolan, I see a well-adjusted, good-looking guy. What do you see?
    • Caitlin. Cathy’s always loved this name. It’s Irish for “pure soul.”
    • Catharine. I like this because it’s a variation of Cathy’s name. English for “pure.”
    • Charlize. Nothing to do with Ms. Theron, but it is a pretty name that means “beautiful star” in South African.
    • Nichol, Nicole, Nichole, or Nicolle. “Victorious” in English. Female version of Nicholas, really, again, paying tribute to my father.
    • And finally, my dark horse for a girl’s name starting with “N”: Nitika. It’s Indian for “angel.” It’s so left of center, but I find it such a beautiful name. Her nickname can be Nikki, which still is an homage to my dad. Cathy would never approve, though.

What do you think? Any baby name suggestions, preferably starting with N or C?