My heart bleeds for Globe prepaid subscribers who are forced to undergo the indignities of rate hikes that ideally will result in a lot less text spam. No, really, I do understand why they would be upset, because money nowadays is tight, and every centavo saved is vital to our survival. I understand.

Prepaid subscribers – who probably make up the bulk of mobile phone users in the Philippines – are getting a ton of value with these promotions. Unlimited text, unlimited text and call… One’s mobile lifestyle can literally survive on P620 a month.

Meanwhile, I have been a postpaid Smart subscriber for more than four years. My plan has hovered around P1300, yet I have found spending easily more than P1500 monthly, easily and regularly going over my maximum number of SMS and phone allotment. To make matters worse, I am locked in to this plan for at least another year and a half, thanks to the two-year plan that gave me a free phone (which I apparently could’ve bought for P5,000.00).

I am therefore led to ask, ‘Why stick with a postpaid plan?”

This entire Globe furor has made me realize that I am being duped as a postpaid subscriber, forced to pay extra when I don’t meet standard allotments, when prepaid subscribers enjoy ‘sky’s the limit’ privileges.

Do we not have a right to be pampered too? Just because we are by far in the minority, does this mean that we should not be given any perfunctory ‘Thank you’s’ with promotions, perks, or points to make us feel there’s a reason to stay postpaid?

We, the postpaid subscribers, are still part of the foundation and the sustenance of the telecoms. Prepaid subscribers can opt to boycott or transfer to another network; postpaid subscribers are legally bound to the telecoms. This is not to mention the hassle and inconvenience of regular bill-paying and account challenging in cases where dubious calls show up on our bills.

Would it hurt you, Globe, Smart, and Sun, to also think about us, the postpaid subscribers? At this point in time, with options for unlimited service available on prepaid service, there is virtually no value in staying postpaid. Mark my words, when my contract runs out, unless the telecoms comes up with some kind of loyalty program that will make me feel as special as the prepaid subscribers, I will happily join the ranks of the latter.

Prepaid subscribers think they have it tough. Try going postpaid, kiddies, and see how well-treated you guys really are.