I’d made a mental note to blog about Lynn Johnson’s For Better or For Worse, but as mental notes made in my murky brain are wont to do, that note disappeared faster than government workers at the stroke of 5.

I’ve followed this strip since I was seven, when it was included in the Stars and Stripes newspaper my father used to take from the old Prince of Wales restaurant in Makati. I remember enjoying it immensely, and was saddened when my father stopped going to the restaurant to take the newspaper. Hahaha.

Fast forward to 2005, when I rediscovered the strip by purchasing a For Better or For Worse book from the now-defunct Libris bookstore at Market! Market! It was an amazing book, and when I realized that the strip’s characters aged in real-time, it just overwhelmed me in a positive way.

Fast forward to 2007, when I decided on a whim to search for For Better or For Worse on the Internet, and discovered its official website, with a literal wealth of information and strips! I was shocked to discover that Farley died – although in my book, Grandma Patterson died too – and Lawrence was gay. Michael and Deanna are married. It was an emotional thing for me to revisit and rediscover all these people, who, while fictitious, were real to me, and deal with issues that were important.

I invite you to visit the official website of Johnson’s For Better or For Worse and discover the world of wonder that makes this comic strip truly amazing.