I’m all for a good pun, but this is taking things way too far.

While doing research for work, I learned about the Philippine bulbul, and how Bohol seems to be full of it. Want to see a Philippine bulbul? Click after the jump.

The Philippine bulbul is one of the dozens of bird species found in Bohol. Now, even the cleanest-minded Filipino (which I am obviously not) would beg to rename some of these birds, because these names are just too fowl.

Some of the birds found in Bohol whose names are just a few letters short of offensive include the following:

  • Philippine bulbul (Ixos philippinus)
  • Yellow-wattled bulbul (Pycnonotus urostictus)
  • Red-keeled flower pecker (Dicaeum australe)
  • Brown tit-babbler (Macronous striaticeps)

To the uninitiated foreigner surfing in here, bulbul, unfortunately, sounds terribly close to the Filipino word for, um, pubic hair. As regards flower peckers and tit-babblers, well, you get the general idea.

This is still a Christian blog, by the way. It is by unfortunate coincidence that this Lit major is such a fan of the cheap art of the double entendre.