I would not want Cathy to be Kris Aquino right now.

The wildly popular Philippine television personality almost went into labor yesterday, complaining of stomach pain that, according to The Buzz co-host Boy Abunda, doctors claimed was false labor brought about by stress.

Aquino was ordered to get immediate bed rest for the next few days, and virtually ordered to avoid any contact with media, resulting in her complete media blackout, including reading tabloids and watching television.

The reason for the stress? Aquino’s husband, basketball player James Yap, has been accused of having an affair with a beauty clinic facial attendant going by the name of as Hope, who appeared on the GMA-7 talk show Star Talk to reveal details of her purported affair with Yap. A full interview with Hope is scheduled to air on Saturday.

While this is none of my business, I will say three things:

  • Yap has admitted to ‘mistakes,’ but what these mistakes are and the extent of the mistake are not known, so I suggest we just let James and Kris be, and instead pray they can work things out.
  • Marital infidelity is a serious, serious issue – but staying by an unfaithful man shows a strength of character rare in these times. I applaud Kris’ decision to try and work it out.
  • Aquino’s daily shooting schedule, while not as hectic as others’, is very taxing for a woman in her sixth month of pregnancy. She doesn’t need the extra cash; ABS-CBN and her brother Noynoy, for whom she promised to campaign, should allow her to take time off to devote herself to enjoying the last few months of pregnancy. Take a tip from Sharon Cuneta when she was pregnant, Kris, and rest. Your brother should win on his own, and Channel 2 should come up with something new. Nothing is worth losing your baby and/or your marriage.

Some people, including my wife, are not fans of Kris Aquino. Me, I love the woman. So what is in her best interests, should, in my opinion, shape her activities for the next few months.

Rest, Kris, and work on your pregnancy and marriage. What do you say? Deal, or no deal?