gannsno.gifI welcome my 30th birthday with a Trojan.peacomm virus wreaking havoc on my computer at home. To all people who spend their time and resources creating viruses, worms, and other malevolent things that do terrible things to other people’s property and precious time, I hope the day comes when you find Christ and are wracked with guilt over the awful things you’ve done.

God will forgive you. Whether I will, however, is, well, still up for discussion. (Of course, I will. But right now, I can’t help but burn with righteous anger.)

Anyway, it’s a great birthday! Threw a party Saturday, had a party thrown for me Sunday, and I’ve received one of the four gifts I’ve been praying for. Got a baby girl coming up! (Now all I need is that bathroom scale, the 300-CD booklet/holder, and Cathy’s permission to get a fourth tattoo, and I’m all set.)

My birthday prayers are: 1) for wisdom for my wife and me to raise our family well, 2) that everyone around me continues to have good health; and 3) those virus-creating people get a swift legal kick in the butt.

Happy birthday to me.