gannsno.gifDuring lunch, I was about to cross Glorietta into the Landmark with two friends of mine, Tina and Red, when there seemed to be a scuffle a few hundred feet ahead of us. Four security guards appeared to be pushing this well-dressed gentleman towards the exit. He looked affluent enough, fit with a leather man-bag slung over his shoulder, and he was held at each elbow by one security guard.

We all stared as the three guards led him across the street into the Landmark, where the four disappeared into the throng of people. The consensus of the people talking around the area was that the fellow shoplifted an item, either from the Landmark or from Levi’s, which was the first boutique store to the right upon entering the Glorietta-Landmark entrance.

Based on what we saw, it seemed plausible, but we couldn’t believe it based on what the fellow was wearing and how he looked. Tsk tsk. Who says crooks have to be dingy and shifty-looking? *cough government officials cough*