ONE. Comelec disqualifies gay political party. Jove Francisco, Jher, and Manuel Quezon III all weigh in on the issue.

Ganns thinks:

1) The Comelec must be blind to deny the influence of LGBT Filipinos on the nation, especially, with the sheer number of gay persons in media, government, and the rest of the sectors of society, so their grounds for disqualification are terribly inadequate. Abalos’ comments, in particular, are grossly offensive.

2) Precisely because LGBT Filipinos are influential in many sectors of society, one may ask, and a good number are, in fact, well-treated, if not revered, by society, can LGBT Filipinos be considered a marginalized group that requires party-list representation and a significant overhaul of the laws regarding certain civil liberties to which LGBT Filipinos are currently not entitled? If the logic behind granting them a party-list slot is because they are marginalized, i.e., discriminated against or at a disadvantage against the majority, shouldn’t most other sub-sectors be granted party-list opportunities?

Admittedly, gays are mistreated, but then again, all people are, in one way or the other, marginalized. Sexual orientation is just one facet of a person’s total identity, after all. For instance, there are no political parties representing me as a fat person (and believe me, we ARE marginalized, with everything from clothes to airline seats). I am just as discriminated against and laughed at as an obese Filipino as the rich gay musician next to me. Women and the differently abled and the urban poor and drug addicts have their party list representatives; why shouldn’t LBGT Filipinos and fat Filipinos?

TWO. Antonella Barba is lucky, says former Idol contestant. Frenchie Davis, a plus-sized Afro-American singer from American Idol’s second season, is hinting at racial discrimination in the case of the kid-gloved handling of season six contestant Antonella Barba, whose racy pictures online have not merited her a disqualification. Davis was disqualified after photos of her posing topless for an Internet site were discovered.

Ganns thinks: While Barba’s photographs are not risque as Davis’, the principle behind them is sound, and Barba should be disqualified. If an Idol contestant is found to have violated the policies of the Idol franchise, s/he should be disqualified. Period. Think Corey Clark, the Brittenaum (sp) twins, Frenchie Davis. When you let one slip through – like Bo Bice’s Smoking Gun expose, for instance – that could be a problem. Scott Savol and Sundance Head were up front and open about their run-ins with the law, and if the Idol franchise lets ’em through, great. But if you pull one past Idol management, meh, boot you out. Barba’s not that great a singer anyway. Give her slot to Leslie Hunt so she can scat horrifyingly again. LOL

THREE. Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson has been given a day of her own!

Ganns thinks: Cathy and I just watched Dreamgirls and were blown away. Sure, many folks didn’t like it. But we did. Cathy cried several times, and I was riveted – a heckuva lot more than at, say, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, or Chicago, three other musicals-gone-silver-screen.

Hudson was luminous and popped off that stage. Beyonce was beautiful and sang – SANG! – her butt off just as greatly. A movie I’d watch again and again.

Wow, I just realized all three issues have something to do with fat. Man, I’m hungry.