1.jpgAfter spending a positively memorable wedding anniversary at the Discovery Suites in Pasig City, Philippines, I opted to select another Discovery property for the wedding anniversary the year after that, and I selected – as a surprise for my wife – Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay.

For those unfamiliar with Tagaytay, this city is an absolutely lovely place to be. It is famous for its pleasing cold weather (cold, of c2.jpgourse, in Philippine terms, is more than comfortable for international visitors more used to the biting cold of the West), its natural resources and parks, and a spectacular view of the active Taal Volcano.

After reviewing the photographs and room write-ups on their official website, I contacted the property directly and selected the Ceylon Room. One of only seven rooms at this extremely private property (it is more like a comfortable, large lodge than a hotel per se, and with only seven rooms, it is a great place to avoid the riffraff that come with larger properties), the Ceylon Room is located on the hotel’s garden level, and has a private entrance. It is the room closest to an outdoor jacuzzi and dining area.

The3.jpg Ceylon room was comfortable and cozy in its yellow and orange tones. A king-sized bed with smooth beddings, a divan (did I say that right?) beside the bed, a large T&B, and a TV with DVD player added to the many things we could do at the Country Suites. I really can’t describe the Ceylon Room better than cozy; it was a private getaway, after all, and we felt like we were the only two people in the world. It was a lovely room.

There were little culinary niceties that added to our enjoyment. For instance, in the afternoon, we were served ‘afternoon tea,’ which was a selection of cheeses to go with two glasses of wine. In the evening, after a dip in the jacuzzi that positively steamed in the crisp Tagaytay air, we were given warm milk and Christmas-themed cookies for a nightcap. The room came with an American breakfast, if I remember correctly, that was delightful and filling.

The services and perks that we got at the Discovery Country Suites are ver5.jpgy similar to the Discovery Suites in Manila. At the Discovery Suites in Manila, we were upsized for free when they learned it was our anniversary; here, the staff transferred the WIFI box – or whatever you call it – to our room because we wanted the free Internet access they offered but couldn’t tap into because the Ceylon is precisely that – private and separate from the rest of the hotel). Almost all the staff at the Country Suites knew our names, and we had the option of borrowing DVDs, VCDs, books, or board games from their (admittedly sparse) library for use either in our room or a large communal area.

As a reminder of our more-than-pleasant stay, we opted to purchase ceramic wall decor from their wonderfully quaint gift shop right beside the welcoming desk.

What we liked most about the Discovery Suites in Manila, we received in spades at the Discovery Country Suites. If you’re looking for a private getaway in the Philippines in a place with great weather and a host of things to do without leaving the hotel, the Deens wholeheartedly recommend Discovery Country Suites.

Original review posted on TripAdvisor.com.