With the advent of GannsDeen.com, my new personal website, I now have two websites that basically contain the same content.

Not one to waste my blogging time, I’ve decided to reformat this blog into a personal Philippine travel blog. If you’d like to stay linked to this blog, please change title links to The Ganns Guide.


The Philippine Blog Award list of finalists is posted on their official website. Neither of my two blogs made it to the finals, but that’s all good and okay.

I don’t know what the process is like, but vote anyway for Wifely Steps in the Home and Living category! Woohoo! Go Toni!

Meanwhile, since I don’t apparently have to care anymore about substantial hits from the PBA, I can officially promote my new domain, GannsDeen.com. I will still maintain this one, though, but it will be more targeted towards personals, while GannsDeen.com will be the ‘career’ website. Tadah.

My favorite radio station, Jam 88.3, has two new shows that you have got to listen to!

The first show is titled Nightlife: The Rick and Patti Show! Hosted by DJs Rick Rude and Patti, it’s a regular morning show… but at night! The show airs 9PM – 12MN, and it’s a talk show that listeners can call in to share their opinions on the topics of the evening. Phone line is 6318803. All you call center people and the rest of us who listen to the radio at night, this is pretty much for us!

I don’t have complete information on the second show yet, but I’ve heard INCREDIBLE things about it. It’ll air on Sundays, no time slot yet, and it’ll air positive, uplifting songs (including some praise songs, or so I’ve heard). More info to come, so please stand by. And tune in to Nightlife!

Hello, everyone! With the help of a dear friend, I’m moving to GannsDeen.com. I am still in the process of cleaning it up and fixing the look to allow for flexibility (and AdSense!).

I don’t plan to move completely until after the Philippine Blog Awards, but when I do, please support me and change all your Ganns links, if you’ve ever linked me up, to www.GannsDeen.com.

Thank you and God superbless! See you on the other side on April 1, 2007!

Have you ever had a ‘Things to Do Before I Die’ list? The kind that includes some crazy items, some dumb items, and some time-tested items that, years down the line, you can’t believe you included in the list?

I have one of those, and so does Cathy, my wife. Both of us have never been the types to deny ourselves the opportunity to do something we wanted to do, whether together or individually. I, in particular, live with a certain philosophy that I don’t want to be 70 and live with the what-if’s and ‘what-could’ve-beens.’ Regret is an ugly thing (and so am I in anything yellow).

This philosophy governed a lot of my life decisions. I was not necessarily impulsive, but when I really wanted something, more often than not, I found myself unable to concentrate or function optimally until I got it.

Now one thing I’ve always wanted was to have some kind of stud on my body. Read the rest of this entry »


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