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I’ve been so deliriously busy lately, it’s been hard to come up with time to think straight, much less to blog. Here’s a summary, though, of the past few days:

  • I’ve been rostered for backup at church. God be praised! Sang at three services thus far. I’m so blessed that I’ve met the worship team’s standards.
  • A new blog experiment I’ve conducted on Google seems to be paying off big-time. Again, God be praised! Who dares underestimate the importance of blogs?!
  • Cathy’s birthday’s coming up on Sunday, and I’ve three days to get her gift ready. Grrrrrrrr.
  • Our Palawan vacation’s coming up! I have less than two weeks to lose as much blubber as I can. Where’s that unicycle?

13.gifIt’s been a long week. Please don’t get me wrong, but I’m really tired right now, and I’m a little demoralized at work for other people’s pains (I wish I could tangibly help them other than prayer, but at this time, I just can’t). I hold them to God’s promises though, specifically Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God.).
For this week’s Thursday Thirteen (Fridays in Manila), I write down 13 places I’d rather be right now than in front of my computer vomiting out copy:
1 At home, with Nathan and Cathy. I miss my son. Our house is an hour and a half drive away from where I live; that’s three hours on the road away from my kid. Today, we left the house and he was crying. Poor kiddo. Daddy wants to be with you, he really does.
2 At a resort in Palawan, with Cathy. Yes, we’re booked at the oh-so-comfy Hotel Fleuris hotel in Palawan, but to lounge around on the beach of your own private island Palawan resort, well, that sounds just perfect right now. The Flower Island Resort in Palawan or the Balesin Island Resort in Quezon. Ooooh.
3 At DLS-CSB, with Cathy. If DLS-College of Saint Benilde didn’t have that “no-two-members-of-the-same-family-can-work-here” policy, I imagine Cathy and I would’ve made a powerhouse marketing-and-admissions team. What I wouldn’t give to be back there. 🙂
4 Bruno’s Barbers, by myself. I need a haircut.
5 Victory at the Fort, with my family. I love my church and I could stay there everyday. Tonight, though, we’ve got choir practice, and I gotta admit I’m not exactly looking forward to it because I just feel so fatigued. I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength, but when one of your ministries starts feeling like an obligation, man, you gotta think twice, n’est-ce pas? Gotta pray about focus.
6 Any moviehouse, by myself. I’ve missed Sukob, I’ve missed The Producers, I’ve missed Pirates of the Caribbean. I don’t wanna miss My Super Ex-Girlfriend too. If I catch it, that’ll be two Wilson films in a row (the other being Cars, the last film I saw).
7 Sbarro, with Cathy. I’m craving for a Chicago Deep Dish. Mmm.
8 Enchanted Kingdom, with my family. I could use some adrenalin right now, and EK is the only decent amusement park this side of Manila.
9 Spirals Buffet at the Philippine Plaza, with Cathy. I’ve heard so much about this place. I’d really like to find out what it’s all about.
10 Any Shopping Mall, by myself. I wanted to do something for Cathy along the lines of The Look for Less. It’s fun shopping, especially if (1) you’re shopping for someone else, and (2) you have money with which to shop.
11 Repertory Philippines. Last night, we talked about vision at Leadership Fundamentals, and I realized that what excites me most is music and the arts. Why am I not in this industry??
12 In Paranaque, with my Mom. There are days when I really miss my Mama. Today’s one of those days. I think I’ll give her a call.

And finally…
13 Heaven. C.S. Lewis said the Christians who did most of Christ’s work in this world were those who thought most of the next world. Evangelicals, the Roman apostles, the guys who built up the believers during the middle ages – these guys spread Christianity so greatly precisely because their minds were so preoccupied with heaven. If you think of the next world called heaven, you will be effective for Christ in this world called Earth.

Here’s my encouraging quote for you today: God isn’t looking for someone who is used to being wanted. He’s looking for someone who wants to be used. It’s not that God has preferences; it’s just so much easier to work with and bless someone who’s already with the program. Are you willing to get with the program and trust in Him to provide everything else you’ll ever need?

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It’s been a while since I posted something random. I also notice people tend to reply more when there are a variety of topics in a post, and I’m lonely for comments. Hahaha.


Cathy had been craving for a cake from Conti’s, having heard nothing but good things about this Paranaque- and Greenhills-based bakeshop. Finally, last week, we passed by Conti’s and ordered Conti’s Turtle Pie, because the bestselling Conti’s Mango Bravo had sold out for the day.

Conti’s turtle pie is beyond words. Sensational! This refrigerator cake from Conti’s is sweet – but not too sweet – and cold, with delightful pecans, rich mousse, and a crumbly cookie crust. Absolutely incredible! We love Conti’s.


Last Saturday, I bought Nathan a table because I wanted him to have a homebase of his own size where he could color his coloring books, work on his clay, watch television, and basically do everything he needed to do without lounging around on or dirtying up the family sofa. This is what it looks like, and for less than P600, I’m happy with it. The woman with him is his nanny, Letty, a sweet, hardworking woman who’s blessed us time and time again. Nathan’s in decent hands.



This fallen Karimadon billboard, featuring former MTV VJ Amanda Griffin, caused a heckuva lot of traffic. We were late for church! Hahaha.


Only by God’s grace. Look at that. The edge of the Karimadon billboard slammed into the Boni station of the EDSA MRT, preventing death, no doubt; if that building weren’t there, or if the billboard were smaller, Amanda’s likeness would’ve likely smashed onto the highway itself, possibly injuring or killing scores of commuters who would’ve been crushed under the billboard or slammed into it at the speeds most buses and cars hurtle at on EDSA.

emi2.gifYesterday, at the place where I work, the gang threw a surprise party for its CEO. The highlight of the party was a special cake made by Art Cakes in Glorietta.

As the Art Cakes picture to the left shows you, the folks at Art Cakes really know how to many a truly attractive art cake! Based on a design by one of the company designers, this art cake features a hedgehog (whoses spines are made of luscious chocolate icing) on light, fluffy, not-too-sweet green icing. Inside that art cake was a rich, moist chocolate cake. The art cake was delicious and attractive, and truly special. The CEO got a real kick out of it.

emi1.gifIn the picture to the right, the CEO is seen holding a greeting card with the same image, signed by all the members of the company. You’ll notice the art cake got virtually the exact same green color of the grass and the brown spines of the hedgehog.

One of the CEO’s favorite sayings, ‘the fox knows many things, the hedgehog one big thing,” showing how he values simplicity and knowing what one is best at, is also iced on art cake and card.

We were very, very happy with the Art Cake from Glorietta, and if you’re interested in taking a look at what Art Cakes in Glorietta has to offer (or better yet, would like to have them custom-make an art cake for you), here are the contact numbers:

Art Cakes Glorietta, 2nd Floor, Glorietta 2 (Phone: 813.0283)

Art Cakes EDSA Shangri-la, 5th Floor, EDSA Shangri-la mall (Phone: 636.0976)

Art Cakes SM City North EDSA, Ground Floor, SM City North EDSA (Phone: 925.6701)

I’m very excited for the release last week of Somehow You Are, the third single of Contemporary Christian group Avalon from their stellar album, Stand. While the first single, Love Won’t Leave You admittedly disappointed many, and the second single, Orphans of God, peaked at #5 on the Inspirational charts, I firmly believe that Somehow You Are has everything necessary to bring Avalon back onto the #1 spot where they belong (assuming Sparrow will do their part in servicing the single to CHR/AC radio.Looking for the lyrics to Somehow You Are by Avalon? Look no further.


I look out at the ocean | I don’t know where it ends
I look up to the heavens | Where do they begin?
From way down here | My feet stuck on the ground
And the wonders in and around me | Can it be?

You who made the moon | You who made the stars
I cannot express the sum of who You are
You who spoke the words living in my heart
I cannot explain it but somehow You are
Somehow You are

Peering out my window, feeling pretty small
A perfect cosmic light show and I know You made it all
It makes it all the harder to wrap my mind around
how You gave up Heaven to be with me
Can it be?

Nothing high or low, above, below, Not anything
Can take that away, away from me

Nothing high or low, above, below, Not anything
Can take that away, away from me

Take that away from me

There you go! Avalon’s Somehow You Are lyrics. Enjoy!


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